12:02am January 18, 2012

 CBS officially greenlights "modern-day Sherlock Holmes" pilot set in NYC, titled "Elementary"




American Film Industry. You cannot cut/copy this one. I know it might be strange to you, but sometimes a show makes a shitload of money because it is QUALITY and it DESERVES IT. Not because it’s a market quantifier or buzz marketed into people brains. There is no Sherlock bandwagon. Go home and write something new. 

you said it sister


WHO CARES?? General notes to people getting butthurt about this:

a) It’s not even a remake of “Sherlock,” so stfd. I am one of the people who was horrified by the prospect of a “Spaced” remake, but this is not that. And “Sherlock” is the one bazillionth incarnation of Sherlock Holmes. Is one more REALLY so objectionable? 

b) It’s not “America,” it’s CBS. There are plenty of original and creative shows on American television. CBS is the network that brings us “CSI: Every City” and “Fat Guy/Hot Wife” (along with a couple of good shows). 

c) WAH WAH WAH you guys are like the people who insisted that Doctor Who was going to suck when David Tennant left. JUST SHUT UP. I’m not saying it’s going to be good, but how can you be SO OFFENDED based on SO LITTLE INFORMATION. 

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    Elementary is just awful
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    ahahahah wrong. so so wrong. I hope they make this and it makes ALL the money. also, house.
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    CBS is also greenlighting “Quean” where a detective solves crimes with the help of an “edgy independent hacker girl”....
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    this is so upsetting -.-’ horrifying thought.
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    Ughhh it’ll probs be baddd
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    no, america, no.
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    i’m sad
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    Oy… So let me get this straight. He’s basically going to be living in an “upscale” brownhouse, have Watson and other...
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    oh, god, why?
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    Nope. No, no, no.
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    first i was like “i’ll have an open mind” and then i saw it’s set in NYC and that went to hell
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    I .. kinda want to see that now.
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    This is gross. I’m with Kendra, why would Sherlock be in America? That’s just stupid. Where’s he going to live, 221B...
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